Why We Love comma before while? (And You Should, Too!)

In my last article, I talked about the importance of “comma before” and “while” in the sentence. While this is especially true in the sentence above, there is a much more important level to our awareness. As you can see from the sentence above, I am referring to a new level of awareness. This new awareness is not an awareness of the past, or the future, but an awareness of the present.

In the past, at least in my life, I have always been able to tell when another person was on their period. Now, I am able to tell when another person is on their period, but my brain can be so very slow. I am not saying that this new awareness is of the past, but it is of the present.

The reason I am using the word “awareness” is that it is one of the two important elements to the story in our story. As you know, the story tells us many things. One of them is that the first person we saw on the beach was actually alive, so we know that the other person was doing something wrong.

The other is that the other person in the story isn’t actually alive. So now that we know that, we can start making assumptions about what has happened to the second person. We have to assume that he’s been killed, that he’s got a gun to his head, that he’s trying to get away from the Visionaries, or that he’s been kidnapped. At least one of these scenarios would make sense.

The first situation is the most convincing. At this point in the story, we can assume that Colt was killed and the other person is in the hands of the Visionaries. However, it is also the most difficult to accept.

Its a fair assumption to assume that the person is dead. Its also a fair assumption to assume that the other person is alive. Lets assume that they are. Of course, we wouldn’t know if its true until we see the events of the final episode.

If they were alive, its quite likely that they would have moved to another location, somewhere out of the reach of the Visionaries. The only way they could have done this would be to move to a city, such as Boston, which is only a little more than 100 miles away. This is also the easiest to believe scenario for the most part.

If they were alive, they would also likely have moved their lives to a new location. It would be more difficult to move a person to a new location in Deathloop than moving a car.

If you’re able to think of a location that can only be reached by moving a car, that’s a pretty big hint that you might not be able to move to another location. In other words, that’s a pretty big hint that you might be able to move to a new location.

This is just a thought, mind you. There’s no definite evidence that this would be the case, but its a thought that leads to one of the most common scenarios when its asked. It may be a good chance to look up the words ‘if’, ‘while’ and ‘then’ – or maybe just use a little bit of common sense and think twice, twice, and then finally once.

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