crafting quotes funny: Expectations vs. Reality

Crafting quotes is a great way to express your beliefs and ideas to the world. You can even make your own quotes, and they will certainly be funny! There’s not much more that goes into the crafting process than a few words and some glue.

The process of crafting quotes is pretty simple (I’m guessing). You put together a list of words, you glue them together, and you wait a few days to see if they’ll make a funny or not.

Now, I don’t use quotes much because I think they’re just too childish to be very effective. But I have also seen quotes made that are far too childish to be funny. The funny quote that I posted above, I found by Googling “creating words for a quote” and “creating a quote about your thoughts”, and I think it should be a little more mature.

I like that quote because, if you could make a funny quote out of just a few words, it would also be super cute. But I don’t think that this is actually a legitimate way to make a quote. In my opinion, this is one of those things I just don’t like to hear (or read) and I definitely don’t want to see anyone trying to make a funny quote out of this.

That’s because you should be able to create quotes from the same page, so you’re also able to create quotes from a similar page. If you do that with a few words in a quote, it would be really cool.

I think the best way I know to make a quote is to use the same words in the same order. But that’s where my argument with this one fails.

Youre right that I should be able to create quotes from the same page. But I don’t see how I can. There is no link between the quotes. In fact, I can’t find a single quote that has the same words as another quote anywhere in the game. I don’t think this is technically a problem because you can’t link words in a quote, but I can see why it might be annoying.

I know it seems like an obvious problem, but I just don’t get it. I see the quote in the list of quotes and I try to copy it into the text box, then click on the quote I just copied. Nothing happens. I’m not getting any errors, warnings, or anything like that. I do get it. But it’s not a problem because I can go back and change the quote in the text box. But I can’t go back there to copy the quote.

The real problem is the lack of a proper quote box in your browser and the general lack of a proper quote box in the text editor. All of those things are preventing you from copying and pasting text (and the quotes) into text boxes and such.

It’s not a problem with your browser or the text editor, because you can go back and change the quote in the text box. But that won’t work in the text editor, because the quotes are all in different places and the quotes are all in the same font, so it won’t let you move them.

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