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“You’re gonna have to do something for yourself,” a mom tells a teenager as she gently guides him towards his homework. The teenager’s eyes widen in awe as he realizes that his mom truly believes that he will be able to do his homework alone.

It’s a little bit sad to think that most people are not aware that their kids are being taught to be independent learners. If you don’t think it’s a big deal, try reading the first ten pages of your kid’s school paper.

In the case of the kids, it’s a little bit more difficult. We’ll assume the kid is in the fifth grade because it’s an easy grade to predict. The teen, however, is probably a little over three because he’s about to show his parents how to read. The goal of reading is to learn for the future. The question is how? If we look at the child and his parents, we find that they are both a little bit too focused on the past.

The problem is that the future is the most important thing. So if our teen is focused on the past because he knows that it is the future that matters, then his future is doomed. But if we look at the parents and we see that they are both too focused on the future, then we are told that they will make terrible parents because they will be too focused on the past. If we look at the parents, we find that they are too focused on the present.

Why is this the case? Well, as a parent you have always been focused on the future, so you are doomed to be a terrible parent. On the other hand, as a child you are only focused on the present; you’re not likely to ever be a great parent. Why? Because you have been taught that it is the future that matters. Your parents have been taught that it is the present that matters.

This is an excellent point. Parents are taught to think of the past and future when they should be focused on the present and future. It is the nature of how we were trained, so when we think of the past or future they automatically think of the past or future, and the result is a child that is too focused on the past or future.

So in essence we all have the same problems with our parents. Parents are taught not to focus on the future, and not to focus on the past. In other words, they will never focus on the future, and they will never focus on the past.

The problem is that we all have a one-dimensional self-awareness, or a “one” mind, or a “two” mind, or a “three” mind. But sometimes you don’t even have to have a one-dimensional mind to realize that you’re not the only one who’s been given the same kind of attention. We are, in fact, all too aware of who’s given the one-dimensional attention that we’re given.

And it’s not just that we are so aware we don’t think to ourselves, “I wonder what that person thinks of me?” It’s that we feel that it’s our fault that they think they’re so good at something, and we have to constantly remind ourselves that they’re not just some random person sitting in a chair and saying “Hi, I’m here.

Its true that we are all aware that most of the attention we are getting is one-dimensional. But we also understand that we dont have to feel bad for ourselves, and that to think we do is to believe we are the person that should be given the attention. We are human, after all. We all need to feel good about ourselves, and to feel bad is just a way of trying to keep us from realizing that we are the ones who are good and deserving of all the attention.

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