20 Myths About interactive holiday posts: Busted

We celebrate the holidays all year long. We don’t stop for the holidays. We just keep going. We don’t stop for the holidays because we just know it’s time to start a new year.

We know how important it is to work on some things, but we don’t know how far we can go. In the end, we all decide to use the time on the holiday.

Christmas is a time for family, but we all know it’s also a time for business. If you are a business owner in particular, Christmas is the time for you to get your sales figures up to a peak, so you can open the season. If you are a sales person, you want to get your numbers down as soon as possible so that you can get more people in line for the sales department.

These days, the holidays are the time to get back at the competition. To do this, it’s important you have an image of what you are working towards. So if you are going to work on your business goals for Christmas, you need to think of ways to show people that you are working and not just resting. For example, you can take pictures of yourself in the office or in store. That will show the people who work there that you work and not just resting.

I recently saw someone in my office take a picture of them in the office and use it as their Christmas card. So that is one way to really show the people in your office that you make a real effort and are not just resting. I don’t know about you but I am always working on my Christmas card and I have a few ideas for how to do that.

Speaking of work, many of us are busy. If you can’t find a way to get it done, you might as well not do it at all. It won’t pay the bills. It will just make things worse.

I guess that is why I keep a few of my Christmas card options very simple. Just an image of a holiday tree and a Christmas card. It’s easy to write. It’s easy to deliver. It’s easy to forget if you try, because you know the recipient will think you are a jerk for wasting Christmas on their house. I have a few other ideas that I cant wait to share soon too.

That’s why I keep them simple. It makes it easy to say I didnt realize I was busy so I have to take a day off. And it makes it easy to say I didnt realize I was busy so I have to take a day off. And its easier to say this than to actually try and remember to call everyone and say I will be out of the office today, but I just forgot.

We’re gonna be in a few days, so I’m not going to make this any more difficult than it is. Hopefully it makes you feel better after reading this.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed in you, too. At least, I was a little disappointed in me. I knew that I was spending a lot of money for a holiday, but I was going to use that money to buy something nice for all of us. But instead, I spent it on a stupid toy that I’ll probably never use.

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