monday animated gif

This monday animated gif is of my wife and myself. We are sitting in our kitchen and eating out of our fridge while talking on the phone and watching a movie. The conversation goes something like this: “hey honey how was your trip to the airport?” “awesome, I had a great time, I’m really excited to go home.

It may seem silly to watch a bunch of action on a movie screen while talking on the phone, but the idea of being on the phone talking to someone is, in fact, the only way to be on the phone. So when you sit in your living room with your computer and television while watching a movie, it makes a hell of a lot more sense to just talk to someone on the other end.

That is, of course, if you have a headset and earphones. You can use the same technique on a computer too, but it’s just not as efficient. The best headset I have used for this purpose is the Sennheiser Classic 2. I believe they are compatible with most computer speakers, but only if you use the headphone jack. The Classic 2s are quite comfortable, though, and sound really good. And they’re very light.

The Sennheiser Classic 2s are the world’s lightest noise-canceling headset, with a total weight of only 15 ounces. They also come with a cord that is about half an inch in diameter. The cord is attached to a special cable that is specially made to fit over earphones, but it is not attached to the headset. Instead, the cable is attached to the headset and the earphones, and each ends with a Velcro strap.

The result is that the Classic 2s have a very light weight, and a very soft, comfortable earbud design. The only things that make the Classic 2s different from other headsets you might have are the wireless charging point, and the cable that tethers it to your smartphone. But they sound great, and you’ll probably be using them quite a bit if you’re reading this.

mondays are often the first day of the week and are a good time to listen to music, watch your favorite shows, and get your first haircut. It’s also the best day to get your hair cut. But if you spend any amount of time in the morning before work, you should probably skip this because it means you have to wake up a bit later than normal.

If you’re wondering what this means, its that youll wake up a bit later than usual. This is the day before Christmas, and the new year takes us back to the old year. So if you’ve been sleeping in the last couple of days, you probably slept in this morning, you may wake up a bit later than usual, and youll probably feel a little groggy.

But if youre thinking about it, youll probably have a little less of a feeling. If you’re thinking about it today, think about it for a minute. It’s not that you haven’t been sleeping, but that it’s not a terrible feeling.

If you think its really hard not to sleep, think about how youve been sleeping. If youve been sleeping in your sleeping bags, then you need to go to your sleeping bags and turn them into sleeping bags. If youve been sleeping in a coffin, then you need to go to your coffin and turn it into a coffin. If youve been sleeping in a coffin, your coffin needs to be made into a coffin.

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