30 of the Punniest why can’t i see my older posts on instagram Puns You Can Find

I’ve been told that it’s because of Instagram’s lack of data and not being able to see older posts from it. I can’t speak for everyone but I’m sure it’s a common issue.

One of the main reasons is that Instagram makes it too difficult for people to see older posts. When you upload a new photo to your account, they automatically put the older ones on your timeline. But if you delete them, they’re gone forever.

I don’t know of any other way for Instagram to know which posts youve uploaded to your account. They can only do it if you post to your personal profile. But I think that’s a good idea anyway. Ive been uploading photos to my Instagram for years and I have no reason to believe they’re being deleted or that theyre not being used. It’s just hard for the average person to see the older posts on the timeline without them being there first.

Instagram also has a little feature that allows you to see all your posts from the last year. I think it’d be good to have it too.

Instagram has a couple of features I dont like so I dont use it. And my account is a little old so Im not the most tech savvy, but I have used a couple of other sites that allow you to see your older posts including Facebook and Twitter.

I don’t use Instagram because I get tired of having to go in and look for older posts. Also, I don’t like the layout of my timeline. It keeps me from seeing new posts because the old posts are still there (even if they’re grayed out).

It’s because Instagram is not set up to let you see posts from the past. It’s a more recent technology and one that is more convenient for photographers. You get the option to see your old posts, but Instagram doesn’t allow you to see the older ones.

I don’t get the point. If i had the ability to see my friend posts on instagram, and i could see my posts from the past, then i wouldnt have to go in to find posts from that past. I am like the kid that was obsessed with pictures. Also its not that I don’t have an ability to see my posts from the past, I just get frustrated and see if i have an ability to see stuff from the past.

The only way to see how much content that I have actually posted in my life besides my username is to see my posts from the past. If i had the ability to see my posts from the past, then i wouldnt have to go in to find posts from the past.

You can search for the posts you have actually posted on Instagram, but you can’t really see them if you don’t know who you are.

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