Exploring the Iconic 1966 England Training Kit

The year 1966 has a special place in the hearts of English football fans as it marked the first and only time that the England national team won the FIFA World Cup. As football enthusiasts reminisce about England’s triumphant journey on home soil, one of the key elements that stood out during that historic year was the iconic England training kit.

Evolution of Football Kits in the 1960s

In the 1960s, football kits were simple compared to the modern flashy designs we see today. The England national team’s kit from that era consisted of a plain white shirt adorned with the iconic Three Lions emblem on the chest, paired with navy shorts and white socks – a classic look that soon became synonymous with English football.

The 1966 England Training Kit

While the matchday kit garnered most of the attention, the England training kit from 1966 holds its own significance. The training kit from that year featured a royal blue round-neck shirt with thin horizontal stripes, paired with matching blue shorts and socks. This color scheme was a departure from the traditional white and navy, offering a fresh and distinctive look for the players during training sessions.

Significance of the 1966 Training Kit

The 1966 England training kit symbolizes the unity and dedication of the squad as they prepared for the biggest tournament in football. Wearing the royal blue training kit, players like Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, and Bobby Charlton honed their skills and formed a formidable team that would go on to make history on that fateful day at Wembley Stadium.

Legacy and Influence

The influence of the 1966 England training kit can still be seen in modern football attire. Retro-inspired kits with vintage designs have become increasingly popular among fans, paying homage to iconic moments and teams from the past. The royal blue color scheme and minimalist design of the 1966 training kit continue to inspire kit manufacturers and designers today.

Collectibility and Nostalgia

For collectors and enthusiasts, the 1966 England training kit holds a special place as a rare and sought-after item. Vintage sports memorabilia enthusiasts often seek out original pieces or replica kits to add to their collections, keeping the spirit of that historic year alive.


The 1966 England training kit may have been overshadowed by the iconic matchday kit during that historic World Cup campaign, but its significance and influence on football fashion cannot be overlooked. As fans continue to celebrate England’s triumph in 1966, the royal blue training kit remains a symbol of unity, dedication, and the unwavering spirit of the Three Lions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the 1966 England training kit available for purchase today?
A: While original pieces may be challenging to find, many retailers offer replica versions of the iconic 1966 training kit for fans and collectors.

Q: What sizes were available for the 1966 training kit?
A: The training kit from 1966 was typically available in a range of sizes to accommodate players and fans alike.

Q: Did the 1966 England training kit have any sponsors or logos?
A: Unlike modern kits, the 1966 England training kit featured minimal branding, with the focus primarily on the royal blue color and striped design.

Q: Were there any variations of the 1966 training kit worn during the World Cup?
A: While the basic design remained consistent, subtle variations in manufacturers and details may exist among kits worn by different players.

Q: How can I authenticate an original 1966 England training kit?
A: Authenticity can be verified through detailed research, certification from reputable sources, and comparison with known original pieces to ensure legitimacy.

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